2 Bedroom Show flat In East London

Category: Modern | Show Homes
Because of its proximity to the city, this flat needed to appeal to a city worker.

I initially worked on how the flat should be divided up, and then, based on my ideal furniture lay out, I designed the lighting and electrical scheme. Consequently when I came to designing the furniture and furnishings for the show flat, all the sockets and light fittings were in the most ideal positions. It was important to maximise on the size of the living/dining room/kitchen and to keep the entrance hall and any corridor space to a minimum. Because the development was quite large, the developer decided that the bathrooms in their entirety would be pre-made off site and then delivered and rolled into place before being plumbed in – these are commonly known as room pods.

The client was keen that I use quite a neutral colour pallet for this flat, although I made an exception in the second bedroom by using a mixture of magenta pink and peppermint green. Most of the furniture was bespoke and most of the Art and Sculpture was commissioned especially for the job.