Residence in Highgate, London

I was originally asked to design two wall storage units to incorporate their television and hi-fi equipment etc, and the brief was to be as original as possible. This then led to designing quite a few more pieces of furniture throughout their ground floor, plus some other rooms in the floors above.

As well as re-designing the master bathroom in quite a traditional style, I created a new bathroom/dressing room from an old children’s bedroom, primarily using stainless steel, glass and seven different lighting effects. An under-lit bath, plus back-lit vanity basin and dressing table glass tops were included in this bathroom’s most exciting features. To complete the picture, the window was replaced with a highly polished stainless steel pivoting window and the inside of the Edwardian panelled room door was clad in stainless steel and mirror as well. This meant that from the hall side, there was no indication of this change of style beyond, and when opening the door a complete surprise was revealed. Once complete, my client described this room as the ultimate efficient dressing machine.