Basement Flat In Victoria, London

I was recommended for this job by Shipshape Construction Ltd. My clients had bought a large 5 storey house in Victoria which was very run down and in desperate need of re-furbishment.

The first phase of the project was to separate the basement from the rest of the house so it could be rented out as a self-contained flat.

This entailed removing the internal staircase and using the two existing external staircases as the means of entering and escape. At the design stage I liaised with building control to make sure our proposal conformed to building regulations.

I created a living room, a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a second bedroom and a kitchen. The space gained from removing the staircase allowed room to add a shower room across the hall from bedroom 2.

The three vaulted spaces below the pavement were then able to be utilised as dressing rooms off the master bathroom and a cosy dining area off the kitchen.