2 Storey Penthouse Flat In London, W1

This two storey penthouse flat in London’s West End had quite a low ceiling to its lower floor and hence was rather gloomy. In contrast, the upper floor had one open plan room with floor to ceiling windows on three sides, boasting magnificent views over London’s skyline.

I suggested that the lower floor should be brightened up with vibrant colours, modern furniture and a low voltage recessed lighting scheme. I designed most of the items in the living / dining room and hall including the sofas, a coffee table, a rug, a media unit, a hall table and the roller blinds. I needed to incorporate the client’s wonderful contemporary art collection plus a mahogany regency dining table and oriental rug, which I blended with the modern scheme by having some modern high backed dining chairs made but with Regency style legs.

With the top floor I designed a bar party room and continued the vibrant colour scheme of downstairs up into this area also.