1. Renovate Magazine. April 2013. Australian magazine. 10 page feature on my Chapel conversion in South London, entitled Heaven Sent. 'This 1903 chapel has been painstakingly restored to create a stunning home where the past sits comfortably with the present'.
  2. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. April 2012. Case study of 3 children's bedrooms I designed for a house in Earls Court, London.
  3. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. March, 2012. 9 page feature on Kitchen / Dining Room, Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom of House in Victoria plus Case Study of a Walk-in Wardrobe I designed for an Oxfordshire Barn Conversion.
  4. Perspectives on Design London. Book published by Panache Partners Europe Ltd. Publication date September, 2011. It features 4 pages on 3 of my projects.
  5. March 2011 issue of Expat Living Magazine. 5 page feature on my Singapore apartment entitled 'Lofty Design'.
  6. Spectacular Homes of London. Book published by Panache Partners Europe Ltd. Publication date late Autumn 2008.
    4 pages featuring my work.
  7. The New London Style. Book written by Chloe Grimshaw and Ingrid Rasmussen. Published by Thames and Hudson. Publication date 29th September, 2008.
    The eight page feature on the Chapel is one of the twenty eight interiors presented in the book.
  8. The Saturday Telegraph Magazine. Saturday, 23rd June, 2007.
    6 page feature on the Chapel.
  9. Western Mail. October, 2006.
    Article entitled ‘Hard Graft has hotel rated best in Wales’. Cardiff’s Park Plaza wins award after only 20 months in business. I designed all the bedrooms, corridors and lift lobbies, plus the 3 floors of apartments located above the hotel.
  10. NEWH (Network of Executive Woman in Hospitality) magazine. February, 2005.
    NEWH thanks key member. Features a few examples of my work, plus a small write up about me.
  11. Sleeper magazine. January 2004.
    Refers to me designing all the Bedrooms and Bedroom Corridors for the Cardiff Park Plaza Hotel.
  12. Bright Ideas. Book published by Rotovision.
    Page 81. Picture of Tanners Yard showhouse, London. Photograph includes illuminated coffee table by Suck UK.
  13. 25 Beautiful Homes. July 2002.
    Barrister's penthouse flat.
  14. 25 Beautiful Homes. April 2002.
    Feature on boutique chain owner's riverside apartment in Barnes.
  15. The London Magazine. May 2001.
    5 page feature on the London Mayfair home of fashion house owner.
  16. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. Dec/Jan 1999/2000.
    4 page feature on North London Bathroom entitled “Orient Express”.
  17. The Times magazine. 7th October, 1998.
    Half page feature entitled ‘ Why lofts are the centre of attention’. Discusses the advantages of bringing up children in a loft. 2 photographs of my family in my warehouse flat.
  18. The Times magazine. 25th July, 1998.
    Feature entitled ‘Let’s Play Home’. A half-page photograph plus article describing my work space/play pen invention.
  19. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. April 1998. 6 page
    feature on show-flat in Clerkenwell. Title of feature: “Glass House”. Glass was used for everything from kitchen work-tops to bathroom tiles in this modern loft conversion.
  20. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. Dec/Jan 1997/98.
    4 page feature on bathroom in a converted warehouse. Feature entitled ‘Watching Soaps’.
  21. The Guardian Space magazine. 31st October 1997.
    ‘Putting on a show.’ Article about show-flat designing. Photograph of Living Area in Spa Heights - designed for Magri Developments ltd.
  22. The Sunday Times: Style magazine. 1st June 1997.
    Feature on home in Ham, Surrey of boutique chain owner.
  23. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. April 1997.
    5 page feature on a warehouse conversion in London Docklands.
  24. House and Garden magazine. April 1997
    'Flush with success: make the smallest room in your house the most imaginative.' - a cloakroom in home in Ham, Surrey of boutique chain owner.
  25. Making the most of Bathrooms. Book written by Catherine Haig and published by Conran Octopus.
    2 page feature on Advertising Agency owner's bathroom in the 'Modern and State of the Art' section.
  26. The Times Magazine. Saturday, 6th April 1996.
    Article about radiators saying they are no longer just for heating, but are central to decoration. Described as 'interior designer and radiator guru'.
  27. Guardian Newspaper. 24th February 1996.
    Article entitled 'Loft Dwellers come down to earth'. Photograph caption, 'Height of sophistication... Peggy Prendeville in her East London loft'. I talk about the pros and cons of warehouse living.
  28. House & Garden magazine. August 1995
    Bathroom for Advertising Agency owner's.
  29. The London Eye newspaper. 6th July 1995.
    Article entitled 'The Art of Loft living with children'. Talks about the adult and child work space/playpen for which I have just been awarded a patent.
  30. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. Sept-Oct. 1992
    4 page feature on BBC Sports commentator's bathroom and WC in Highgate.
  31. Home Ideas magazine. August/September 1992
    3 page feature on my bedroom and bathroom.
  32. Perfect Home magazine. August 1992
    3 page feature on Actress's warehouse flat in Colmans Wharf.
  33. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. May-June 1992
    'Starting from Scratch.' 3 page feature on my warehouse space conversion.
  34. The Observer magazine. April 1992
    'Room of my own' feature.
  35. Good Housekeeping magazine. October 1991
    Photograph of the dining area in my warehouse space conversion.
  36. Art Business Today magazine. AUTUMN 1991
    Design concept commissioned by the magazine for a reasonably priced and easy to install partition and lighting system for the average high street gallery. 3 pages showed plans, details of system and interior visual of a gallery done by myself, plus a costing example.
  37. Heating and Plumbing Monthly magazine. June 1991.
    Photograph  of the spiral staircase in my warehouse conversion which is black, red and blue next to a vertical column finished in the same colours. Article is entitled 'HOT COUTURE'.
  38. Metropolitan Home magazine. June 1991.
    Four page photographic feature on my warehouse space conversion and a two page photograph of actress Rachel Izen's flat.
  39. House Beautiful home. May 1991.
    Photograph of my bathroom.
  40. Architect, Builder, Contractor and Developer magazine. April 1991.
    Photograph of SSK's warehouse office. Article entitled 'YUPPIE COLUMN' making reference to the vertical column radiators used in the job.
  41. AJ Focus magazine. February 1991.
    Photograph of SSK's office, a toy packaging design company, for which I designed a 3,000 square foot office space. (Warehouse space in Limehouse Cut.)
  42. Architectural Review magazine. January 1991.
    Photographs of 2 kitchens and 1 bathroom designed by myself.
  43. GQ magazine. January 1991.
    Eight page fashion editorial using as backdrop the warehouse flat I designed for an actress.
  44. The Times magazines. 6 October 1990.
    Photograph and article about the workspace/playpen which I designed for myself to work in whilst my child played alongside me. (I was awarded a patent for this in 1995)
  45. House & Garden magazine. September 1990.
    Four page photographic feature on my warehouse space conversion.
  46. Docklands magazine. March 1989.
    Article on my warehouse space conversion and on my work.