Peggy Prendeville is a London based interior Designer. She feels that whether she is designing an interior for a private or a commercial client, the end result should be a space which reflects the clients sensibility – something they would like to have designed themselves, if only they knew how. Because she deals with the whole process of creating a building’s interior, most of her clients think of her as much an Interior Architect as an Interior Designer. Her wide ranging design skills have recently been used on numerous housing developments, residential interiors, barn conversions, offices, a college, a hotel and a library. Much of her London work has been in transforming empty cavernous disused warehouse spaces into sumptuous residences or exciting office interiors.

‘The magic of a bare shell space is that it provides a blank canvas with which to work’

Lighting, a sense of space, creating a desired mood or atmosphere plus attention to the most minute detail are always a very important part of Peggy’s approach to her work; also, especially in her more minimalist interiors, secret storage becomes an important item on her agenda. She believes that interiors should be both beautiful and practical. She not only designs, but sees the work through to completion: her work can therefore include liaising with Building Control, Planners, Structural Engineers as well as the Contractors, and she will follow this through with the selection or design of furniture, furnishings, finishes, lighting, art and accessories.